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What tools will I need for a tiling job?

a_Pictures_016The  tools required for a tiling project can be many. This depends on the type of  work involved, the tile type and preparation method.  For a small kitchen wall tiling you would need:
dust sheets, paintbrush, tile cutter, tile nippers, screw drivers, water  cooled diamond cutter (wear ear defenders), hammer, nails, batten, pencil, tile marker, 600 mm spirit level, fine  toothed hacksaw, tape measure, spreading trowel, mixing trowel, masking tape, 2 clean buckets, sponge, clean cloth, protective goggles, rubber gloves, silicone gun, dustpan and brush.



a_DCP_0613If you need to tile a floor on a cement base, then you will need many of the above tools, plus:
Possibly a different size manual and electric tile cutter (to accommodate different tile sizes), straight edge, rubber hammer, chalk line, square, knee pads, dust mask, broom, saw (for cutting architrave), electric extension lead (with an RCD circuit breaker), possible suction pads for lifting bigger tiles.

If you need to tile a floor on wood with the need of an overlay, then you will also need some carpenter's tools to cut and  install plywood or other overlay types.  These are:
jigsaw or hand saw, chalk line, work bench, clamps, electric screw driver, electric screw gun circular saw.  A really good multi tool to own is the Multi Master.  This tool has a variable speed control for use with the different attachments that can be used with.  With this tool you can cut wood, metal. alloy, plastics, cut grout joints for tiling repairs, plunge cut, remove silicone sealant, use it to remove old adhesive off the walls, use it as a sander and more,

The list continues depending on the preparation required.  Unfortunately, it is never as easy or as simple as some instructions that are found on the back of some tile boxes.  Many years ago, some tiles could have been cut in half by a simple tile scorer and a matchstick. Now, the introduction of large format tiles and extra thick porcelain tiles, you'll find that it is necessary to purchase or hire heavy duty, professional tools, in order to carry out the work quickly and efficiently.